Introduction to the
Divine Style Makeover Process

The heart of our work is focused on guiding our clients through the five steps of our Ultimate Makeover, creating the most dramatic visual uplift possible. Early on, we noticed that our most successful clients were those who committed to the five-step journey. Clients who only experienced a color palette were often unsure of how to translate their colors into a working wardrobe reflecting their lifestyle.
Even in the best scenario, we have discovered that our clients often lack the complex information and hands-on experience needed to create their signature look. We find that having all the support elements in place, such as enhancing hair style, makeup, eyebrow shaping, great eyewear design, custom formulas for successful wardrobe building and personalized shopping, are essential for the most dramatic results.

In order to meet that need, we have created an integrated system guaranteed to give our clients the makeover of their dreams and, more than that, the skills necessary to keep refining and evolving their look for years to come.

Take the step-by-step tour of our Ultimate Makeover: Color, Makeup, Closet Revolution, Authentic Style and Shopping You’ll Love.