Divine Style Makeovers FAQ

Kathryn and Ronnie answer your frequently
asked questions:

What do you mean by a makeover? Is it like “What Not to Wear”?

A Divine Style Makeover starts with determining your best colors, fabrics, textures, shapes, patterns and metals: Building blocks for your wardrobe, hairdo, makeup and accessories. However, that is just the beginning. We envision your transformation from head to toe, so the heart of our makeover is to capture your best qualities and help you showcase them in every aspect of dress and adornment. While the makeover concept is the main focus of “What Not to Wear,” we bring more empathy and nurturing to the process, seeing ourselves as collaborating with you for the best outcome, not making fun of your previous choices, and always being respectful, even while encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone.

Can you make me look younger?

This is one of the most magical benefits of our Divine Style Makeovers: You will be amazed by the youthful glow that results from the natural, enhancing makeup and from the colors and fabrics that resonate with your skin, hair and eyes.

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I’m short and very curvy. Can you make me look thinner?

Knowing what to wear for your body type and height results in streamlining your figure. We have seen changes that visually melt away 10–20 pounds. We work with basic art principles and teach these secrets of proportion and balance to our clients so that they can make the most of them.

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How long does it take? I have a high school reunion in two months.

We have done a complete makeover in less than three days and others over a period of two to three months. It depends upon the individual and their motivation and vision. We have the resources to realize your dream in an amazingly short amount of time. Call us for details.

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I’ve never worn makeup and was taught that caring about style was a sign of vanity. Can you help me?

This is one of the most common concerns we encounter. Being comfortable in one’s skin is heavily influenced by our parents and the peer groups we encountered at a young age, often resulting in a negative self-image. Through the Divine Style Makeover process, we teach you simple techniques for using makeup to bring your best qualities forward yet still appear natural and radiant. In this way, we hope to foster a new sense of self-love, appreciation and confidence in your most unique attributes.

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I live on the East Coast and I would love to have you do my makeover. Is that possible?

We are developing ways to be more portable by the end of 2011. In the meantime, we encourage you to come to California for your makeover. Then, through phone calls, Skype and emails, we can help refine your style and maintain your initial dramatic results. We have clients who come from afar one to several times a year for an update in color, authentic style and personal shopping.

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I thought image consultants were all about fashion and trend and dressing for success. I am tired of seeing cookie-cutter looks and everyone dressing trendy even if it looks terrible on them. How is your approach different?

We see style from an artistic viewpoint, rather than from the fashion merchandizing or fashion runway concept of style. We are creatives who see many possibilities of interpreting your special brand of femininity. We listen to your concerns, learn about your lifestyle and have conversations about where you see yourself headed in the near future. Your Divine Style Makeover is built around what is important to you and who you are becoming.

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Most personal image consultants work solo. Do you always work together on a makeover?

Yes, ideally we work side by side throughout the Divine Style Makeover process. We each bring over 30 years of experience in art, color and design to this work, and together we create a synergistic blend that is unequalled in the industry, with extraordinary results. Like two musicians who riff back and forth, we continually inspire each other and often find unusual style solutions we would never have discovered without each other’s influence.

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