In the Dressing Room with Ronnie & Kathryn

Here we are in the global dressing room meeting up with all of you to help you figure out how to create a wardrobe that fits your body to a T, adding sparkle and style and that wonderful “that’s me” recognition smiling back at you in the mirror.

We love finding easy, creative ways of adapting clothes off the rack to fit your curves. Each body type has a cluster of features in common. Learning where you fit is a major key to successful shopping.

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What Shape am I? If you’re a Triangle, read on…

Modigliani (The letter A, Triangle, Teardrop or Pear-shaped silhouette)

You are usually smaller on top with narrow or sloped shoulders, slender rib cage, long waist, generous hips and full thighs.

Your Goal: To increase shoulder interest and balance hips while showing off your curvy silhouette from bust to upper hip.

Fit Concerns:

  • Shoulder straps or seams that hang off the shoulder.
  • Pants that create an unflattering crease across your hips yet leave a gap in the small of your back.
  • Blouses and Jackets that fit your bust but feel too big and boxy.

Look For:

  • Empire and A-line styles
  • Lower-waisted pants that fall or flare from the upper hip
  • Shorter tops and jackets with curve and built-in stretch

For a more personalized evaluation of your body type and style, please call us for a customized appointment. We will give you a full style analysis along with a workbook that will enable you to shop more successfully. You will also have the option to shop with us as your guides for a superlative shopping experience.