About Divine Style Makeovers

Our mission is to provide authentic, one-of-a-kind image makeovers, solving initial and ongoing style and wardrobe concerns in a passionate, caring environment for those who are motivated to change and want to breathe new life into their look—one that captures their essential feminine (or masculine) expression.

Meet Ronnie and Kathryn


My introduction to the world of color and using creative dressing as a vehicle for expressing personal image artistry came in 1983, when I discovered the work of pioneering master colorist, Suzanne Caygill, and she created my first color palette. Catapulted into a Moulin Rouge kaleidoscope of color, style and design and all the principles involved, I succumbed to the color consulting fever and blissfully followed my heart. After training with Suzanne in Westwood, CA, I formed Colorworks by Ronnie and worked solo for many years. Then, under serendipitous circumstances, I met Kathryn Heflin. In 2006 we founded Divine Color & Style, now known as Divine Style Makeovers.


“I have to get this—it feels like home—” There is no arguing when the clothing or accessory just chose you as much as you chose it. You want a moment like that to be right—not a miss.

I’d gone 55 years, educated and working as artist and graphic designer for decades, but a sense of my own innate colors, shapes, patterning, design and seasonal essence had completely eluded me. About that time, divine intervention redirected my life, delivering me to Ronnie McCullough’s doorstep and this work.

It is my joy, our joy, to unite women (and men) with the artistry of themselves. It is a glimmer they may have lost touch with a long time ago or, even more breath-catching, never had the chance to meet—coming home to an integration of inner and outer Self, daring to believe in and embrace the reflection mirrored back.