In the Dressing Room with Ronnie & Kathryn

Here we are in the global dressing room meeting up with all of you to help you figure out how to create a wardrobe that fits your body to a T, adding sparkle and style and that wonderful “that’s me” recognition smiling back at you in the mirror.

We love finding easy, creative ways of adapting clothes off the rack to fit your curves. Each body type has a cluster of features in common. Learning where you fit is a major key to successful shopping.

Know what to look for and what to avoid. What happens without these guidelines is the “I hate to shop” syndrome and the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused that makes you want to run quickly out of the store, reinforcing the sense that “almost everything I try on doesn’t feel like me or it’s just OK.”

Our intention in these blogs is to make getting dressed fun again and to give you the keys to unlocking the closet of your dreams-it’s absolutely possible, we promise!

We aim to create a frank, informal dialogue about what works and what doesn’t. Please give us your feedback; we’d love to hear from you. So here we go, with a few tips from “What Shape Am I?” our new series on how to dress each body type, beginning with the Modigliani.

Next we take a look at the Rubenesque (The letter O, Apple or Oval)

For clients outside out service area: Please call or email us and let up know your image concerns. We are working toward offering online and Skype-supported services for all of you who are not able to travel to our area in person.

Ronnie and Kathryn